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Timely updates made to online Farm Bill toolbox

Published January 15, 2015

URBANA, Ill.  – As the Farm Bill decision deadline looms large, farmers and landowners are encouraged to check out recent updates to the online Farm Bill Toolbox that may help their decision making go more smoothly.

“After listening to a lot of people who have used the website, we decided to make some changes that will help users through the decision-making process,” said University of Illinois clinical assistant professor of law and policy Jonathan Coppess.

The site has been redesigned so that it is easier to navigate; a resource tool bar has been added in the program decision steps; lists have been created of farmdoc Daily articles that are relevant to each decision step; and there is a new section with answers to frequently asked questions.

The website can be found by typing “Farm Bill Toolbox” into any search engine or by visiting

“The site includes dates and online registration for 14 free seminars that will be held across Illinois over the next few weeks and an archive of the webinars we offered this past fall,” Coppess said. “We’ll also be hosting another webinar series that will cover each of the decisions, updated analysis on the programs, and expected payments. Information about how people can attend those webinars will be added to the site.”

As a reminder, Coppess said that the deadline for landowners to make payment yield and base acre reallocation decisions is Feb. 27, and the deadline for the producer’s program decision on ARC-CO, ARC-IC and PLC is March 31.