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Illinois 4-H Foundation names three new members to board

Published October 15, 2012
Kevin Carey, the collegiate 4-H representative on Illinois 4-H Foundation board
Kevin Carey, the collegiate 4-H representative on Illinois 4-H Foundation board

The Illinois 4-H Foundation has named three new members to the foundation board. Kevin Carey of Kinsman, Ill., has been appointed to a 2-year term on the board as the collegiate 4-H representative. Roger Clark and Paul Hadden, both of Chicago, have each been appointed to a 3-year term.

Kevin Carey was an 11-year member of the Highland Ag 4-H Club in Grundy County. He held several leadership roles within the club as well as on the federation and extension councils. He was a member of the Illinois State 4-H Youth Leadership Team for four years and served as a trainer for the Speaking for Illinois 4-H program.

“Having just finished my four years on the youth leadership team, I knew I wanted to continue my 4-H experience as an alumnus,” said Carey, “and the board was my place to be able to bring my collegiate voice to the table.

“The 4-H program instills a sense of belonging, knowledge, and creativity in youth while allowing them to engage with other individuals of like mindset,” he continued. “I’m excited to be able to continue my passion and love for the 4-H program.”

Roger Clark was a member of the Royal 4-H Club for 10 years, and he has been a donor to both the Cook County and the Illinois 4-H Foundation.

“The 4-H experience was invaluable for developing a sense of personal responsibility and growth,” said Clark. “Standing in front of your club to give a talk or demonstration when you’re eight years old is a great way to learn confidence. I believe the fundamental aspects of 4-H can be helpful to many different groups of citizens throughout Illinois.”

Paul Hadden was an 11-year member of the North Side Ag 4-H Club in Morgan County. Hadden attended the National Club Congress in Chicago in 1987.

“Serving on the board allows me the opportunity to give back to a program that provided the foundation of values and character that has contributed to my happiness and success in life,” Hadden said. “Growing up in Jacksonville, and now living in Chicago, I have the ability to help both rural and urban youth become engaged with the 4-H program and reap some of the same life-changing experiences I benefited from.”

The Illinois 4-H Foundation, chartered in 1954, provides grants to 4-H clubs throughout the state and to county 4-H programs. It funds delegates who represent Illinois at national conferences and supports the state 4-H judging teams that earn the right to compete nationally. It provides registration subsidies so 4-H members with limited resources can attend camps and leadership conferences. The foundation’s scholarship program offers merit-based scholarships to Illinois 4-H’ers as they pursue a college education. For more information about the foundation or to make a gift to the foundation, visit

For more information about the Illinois 4-H Foundation, contact: Angie Barnard at (217) 333-0333 or by emailing

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