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Graduate teaching assistantship develops leaders

Published January 6, 2016

With the help of graduate student teaching assistant Candice Mazewski, food science students in the College of ACES have been refining their research and development skills in their capstone course, Product Development.  Mazewski is a first year masters student and was one of three product development teaching assistants working with Dr. Dawn Bohn.

The Chicago Section Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) was vital in helping Candice pursue her graduate degree, by providing the funding for the product development course teaching assistantship. This funding has enabled Mazewski to focus on her research and coursework. Teaching assistantships provide more than just funding, they create opportunities for graduate students to develop as teachers and leaders. “TAing this semester has been a very rewarding experience. I've learned a lot from my professor and also from my students,” Mazewski says.

Moreover, the students have gained a great deal from Mazewski! Some of her students placed first among eleven teams in a class competition. Even more rewarding than any trophy, she has shaped students into more innovative and skilled scientists. “I hope my students learned that you need to take a holistic approach when developing a food product,” Mazewski says. “There are so many aspects they learned about, but understanding how they all interact and looking at the big picture is very important and will help them in their future endeavors.”

The Chicago Section IFT is a long-time supporter of the College of ACES, providing annual JBT scholarships and funding for the Research Apprentice Program. The organization has supported the product development teaching assistantship for four years and has recently committed to the establishment of an endowment providing support for this teaching assistantship in perpetuity.