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Rachel Kelley

Published April 3, 2012

Giving back took on a new meaning when Rachel Kelley began volunteering full time after having a “change of heart” through the Make A Wish Foundation. Kelley is from Highland Park and started giving back to the College of ACES in 2006.

“I really appreciated all the scholarships I received and being rewarded for my hard work,” Kelley said. She wanted to help others because she had been given so much. She believes that the College of ACES is an amazing college that has helped her do great things.

While taking master's classes, she began volunteering for the Make A Wish Foundation. It had such a big impact on her that she later gave up her job in food science to volunteer full time. She donated to organizations where she couldn’t volunteer. At the time, she was volunteering for four different non-profit organizations.

She said the best reward is being able to help out. “We’re very fortunate that we’re ABLE to help out," she added.

She now devotes her full attention to her newborn daughter, Allison.

She encourages students to build relationships with faculty in any way possible. “Being involved exposes you to different people and options,” she said.