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Gary Martin

Published April 3, 2012

For Gary Martin and his wife of over 35 years, Pamela, the decision to give back to the College of ACES and the Animal Science program was a simple one.

Martin, a 1975 Agriculture graduate from Alexander, Ill., said, “I’m sure someone helped me out when I was going through school, so I’m just trying to pay it forward and help other students out.”

Martin believes in higher education and the mission of the University of Illinois. His main goal is to help young people going through college. He started donating after involvement with the Fighting Illini Pork Club. He joined the club because of his involvement in the pork production industry through M & G Farms, Inc., of which he is president.

Along with using what the University of Illinois teaches, he advises students to work hard and make sacrifices. He says that what your parents tell you is probably the best advice. He believes that you have to have dedication and apply yourself to achieve success.

Martin is very loyal to the University of Illinois and the College of ACES and has been giving back since 1978. Because others invested in his future when he was a college student, he believes that “what goes around comes around” as he strives to help other students.