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Project Goals

With your help, we seek to raise $5 million to renovate the classrooms and teaching laboratories in Turner Hall. Campus has allocated $16 million for exterior upgrades and interior improvements. Phase one, including exterior work and renovation of the two introductory labs in the lower floor—the Crops and Soils laboratories, is now complete. 

The Phase II vision includes renovation, reconfiguration and/or enlargement of classrooms on the ground level, first, second and fifth floors. Transformed classrooms will feature new technologies, smartboards, state-of-the art equipment, new flooring, HVAC & llighting.

Private dollars from donors like you will ensure successful completion of this bold project.

Turner Hall History

Turner Hall dates back to 1963.

Our Goals

  • Challenging students’ intellectual curiosity and motivating them to consider careers in agriculture, natural resources, and environmental sciences.
  • Strengthening the national and international reputation and ranking of the soils, natural resources, and crop sciences programs.
  • Enhancing faculty and student recruitment and retention.
  • Supporting innovative faculty to develop new programs and use new teaching methods.
  • Exposing more prospective students to ACES by offering spaces conducive to gathering students who participate in Science Olympiad, FFA, 4-H, and other activities.

Phase I

Phase I of the Turner Hall Project will transform the crops and soils laboratories into 21st-century learning environments. Introductory soil science and crop science courses are taught in these two laboratories, attracting students to the fields of crop sciences and natural resources and environmental sciences.

ACES students often make defining choices about majors and careers based on their experiences in classes held in these Turner Hall labs.

Phase II

Transformations are needed throughout Turner Hall. In Phase II, we seek your support for additional classrooms, laboratories and meeting spaces.

Why Now?

  • A campus-wide initiative to transform classrooms and laboratories is providing seed funding for the Turner Hall Project.
  • State dollars alone cannot fulfill the vision and the need.
  • Your investment in this public-private partnership is critical.